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Announcing the newStrike SaverDown Rigger Release, Stacker and Planer Board Release System…

A Fish Control System that will change how you rig up from now on.  

  • Unique design eliminates loose/lag line when a fish triggers a release on a board line or a downrigger release.

  • Your line releases to a hook mechanism that maintains constant pressure on the fish while you play the fish…simple but effective!
  • More amazing…with aStrike Saverdownrigger release, its unique diver swivel plate means you never have to raise or lower the cannon ball again.  Attach your line to Strike Saver, attach Strike Saver to the downrigger cable, lower Strike Saver into the water and the water pressure pushes the release down to any depth along the cable which you control with your rod by the amount of line you let out.  When a fish strikes… the diver plate is released…swivels and the water pressure propels the release back up to the surface and you are playing your fish on a tight line. Strike Saver is on the surface waiting to go back down.  Simply reattach your line and lower again…its that simple.
  • Planer board releases come in the light duty “original” to attach lighter stick baits and spoons or the “heavy duty” with a Dubros adjustable release that can handle heavier lure setups on a surface board line.  Meet all your board line setup needs with these options.
  • Learn how versatile Strike Saver downriggers can be with the ability to place the rigged release anywhere along the downrigger cable from the surface to the cannonball…think about the stacking capabilities, ease and uses.
  • As a stacker or your main downrigger release, you’ll find Strike Saver is versatile, easy to use and simply catches more fish.

What’s So Unique? …see more details for yourself



 Light Planer Board

Heavy Duty Planer Board

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